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The young man in the teahouse previously vowed to laugh twice and said, Maybe, there may be an ambush at Caishikou, or let is go to Caishikou to see No, if there is an ambush, zero libido what should I do if I suffer Gu Da Jiang also heard the conversation there.

After Mrs.Tao passed away , The concubine was corrected within a few years.People in Tao Mansion feel it is a pity, only a handful of people know what this premature death is all marks doctor painful erection about.

Gu Yundong said, It andro supplements gnc is normal for you to inquire about the master is house in advance.As long as you are not listening to the master is privacy, I will not is viagra off patent stop you at this point.It means Libido Injection marks doctor painful erection that you are careful and cautious.The four Lu is felt relieved.Gu Yundong, Since you already know what our family does, I will not say much.From now on, as long as you are loyal do those sex pills at the gas station work to the Gu family, I cialis pill identifier will not treat you badly.As for what you have to marks doctor painful erection do, I have said before, mainly Is marks doctor painful erection Ed Pills Athletic Performance a photo Gu my mother and my sister.Hongxiu is careful and will follow my mother from now on.You also know that my mother is like a child now, so you do not have to hold her, she can do whatever she marks doctor painful erection wants.

He stopped halfway, and Qi Ting said in a low voice, My grandfather must want to ask if he can stick to the country as a priority and sacrifice his wife and daughter is lives in the face of the threat of robbers.

I can not worry about Yun Shu and Yun Ke, so I live.Take care of them at Gu is house.Now your father has found it, and you Libido Injection marks doctor painful erection can contact the doctor.You do not have to worry about your two children when you go out in the future.Naturally, I should go home.Gu Yundong was caught off guard for a while, she was true Unexpectedly, Cousin Ke was going to say goodbye.

Not only Niuzhuang near Xuanhe Mansion, but I also want to know about other places.If people who marks doctor painful erection get cowpox really If no one has died, you can try.Well, if the vaccinia vaccination method is indeed feasible, then you have done a great job.Then you will show this method to the emperor, and even if the Tao marks doctor painful erection Ed Pills Athletic Performance family commits a heinous crime, you will be credited.

Good, good, it is amazing.People who do not have much skill can not draw such a painting.That is right, this painting is the best charcoal drawing I have ever marks doctor painful erection seen.Is it There are also some students who have mixed in the painting.Not very talented, he asked, Better than the Xia Fuzi in our college Although Xia Fuzi has high accomplishments in calligraphy and calligraphy, he has just begun to study charcoal painting after all, and it is indeed best natural supplement for premature ejaculation a little bit less.

Zhou The steward had no choice but to take the second place and mentioned is viagra off patent Ed Pills Blood Flow Bian Han is name, although he felt that it was not very marks doctor painful erection useful.

You come too, and everyone will come up with ideas best sex things to try together.And road repair is a major event.When we discuss it, I will pay Have to go to town, Talk to the mayor.Gu Yundong nodded, Yes, road repair is not just repair.Chen Liang paused, suddenly remembering the penis enlargement operation video fact that she had bought marks doctor painful erection several foundations yesterday.Chen Liang is eyes changed when he looked at Gu Yundong, and pointed her finger marks doctor painful erection at her, Okay, you cunning girl.

So the back door can not go.Tong Shuitao came directly to the front entrance.When she was almost there, she looked around and saw an eight or nine year old child not far away.She immediately took out a fruit candy and beckoned to him.The child is eyes lit up and he ran over.You have something to do with me You go to the concierge of the house in front and say a few words, this candy is yours.

Yes, miss Gu Yundong nodded, and then turned and walked towards Devon Huo.Devon Huo did not recognize her at first, but when he walked in, he opened his eyes and looked at the somewhat delicate Buy Male Enhancement Pills Suppliers In Usa marks doctor painful erection little servant.

This is surprising.What a good thing is that people who never like to go out marks doctor painful erection are marks doctor painful erection there.Are they here too Chen Liang glanced around, then said loudly, Our village, we are going to build a road.

Su Mu and Su Changshun ignored her, and Sun snorted and left.Su Changshun then said, Mother, when I make supplements for lasting longer in bed some money, let is buy a larger yard and not be a neighbor marks doctor painful erection with her.

Wu Chong did not put Chen Liang in his eyes at all, scolded him for being nosy marks doctor painful erection and even said that he would divorce his wife.

I have no money and no one, and I do not even know that Dai Gongzi.Mama Ren wants to roll her eyes, this stiff rox male sexual performance enhancement box of 22 pills rock hard person is really unaware.So you have to fight for you to grab, is viagra off patent Ed Pills Blood Flow you have to regain the master is favor, and then become the mistress of Zhou Mansion.

Qi Shanchang marks doctor painful erection could not say anything.He already knew the process, and the completion of the matter was far beyond his expectations.outside.Asking Gu Dajiang to put all twenty words on the table, he looked over them one xxx male enhancement pills marks doctor painful erection by one, and it was indeed okay.

Gu Yundong nodded, Go, go home.The group left the box and soon returned to Yongfu Village in a carriage.She was a little absent minded along the way, and Gu Dajiang could also see that something must have marks doctor painful erection happened to her when she went out before.

But this can make everyone happy, and be more loyal to Gu is family magnum plus male enhancement reviews in the future, and have a more sense of belonging to Gu is family, and free publicity.

Gu Yundong thought for a while, did not hold Libido Injection marks doctor painful erection back, took a fever reducing medicine when people were not paying attention, and stuffed it directly into Shao Libido Injection marks doctor painful erection Qingyuan is mouth, and whispered, Eat this.

She thought for a while, and said to Shen Sitian, Say with Shuitao, for the time being Let is not go to the county seat, I will go to the Shao is house.

I really did not expect marks doctor painful erection that the mysterious Gu Dongjia who has been rumored to have appeared in front of me.

Gu Yundong frowned, but he could not help it.Qin Wenzheng also asked Fucheng Yamen is viagra off patent Ed Pills Blood Flow for help, but it is impossible for people to guard the notice wall all day long to prevent others notices from covering marks doctor painful erection it.

Nie Shuang was too satisfied.Gu Yundong also nodded, The location is good, quiet in the noisy, very suitable for drinking tea, chatting and reading books.

Gu Dajiang and saint fotino the patron saint of erectile dysfunction Gu Yundong looked at her in disbelief.Suspected that there was a problem with his ears.Gu Qiuyue Gu Yundong murmured, Is not Gu Qiuyue dead At first, Fu Ming told her in person, marks doctor painful erection saying that apart from him, Gu Qiuyue and their daughters and parents had died in the chaos.

Gu Dajiang is eyes were quick to pull the person back, The Chen family is definitely discussing this matter now, so do not join in the fun.

I have not seen someone come directly to pretend to be the owner.They are afraid that they do not know that the owner just came to the Zhuangzi yesterday, right Seeing the young man frowning and faintly wanting marks doctor painful erection to let the dog bite people, Gu Yundong explained clearly, Shao Qingyuan is on compares viagra prescribing Zhuangzi We are here to find him.

At this moment, the rain has stopped, and after being washed by showers in the summer afternoon, it suddenly becomes much cooler.

Gu Yundong knelt down and touched his head, It is okay, minoxidil side effects erectile dysfunction it is okay, where can i buy viagra over the counter the eldest sister is back.Yun Shu is eyes were reddish, and tears were streaming in his eyes.Turn, Sister, Tong An was injured to save me.I know, the eldest sister has approached Dr.He, he will save Tong An, do not worry.She hugged the little guy, knowing that he must be guilty.Extremely, he could not help but sighed slightly, got up and led the person into it.Qin Wenzheng was also there and nodded slightly when she saw her back.Gu Yundong went to see Tong An first.Tong An was lying on the bed quietly.He had already changed into clean clothes.There was gauze wrapped around his forehead, and his face was pale and bloodless.Apart from the tears of the old lady Tong Cui in the room, there is also sweetness of contemplation.What surprised her was that her contemplative and sweet tears never stopped, and her hand marks doctor painful erection Ed Pills Athletic Performance was still holding overall male enhancement products Tong An is marks doctor painful erection hand tightly.

Cousin Ke snorted twice, I know, I know it in how do you last longer during sex my heart.Gu Yundong immediately helped marks doctor painful erection her squeeze her penis average girth marks doctor painful erection shoulders even harder.Cousin Ke frowned and disliked her.Go and go, little girl.Why is the strength so strong, my bones will be crushed marks doctor painful erection by you.You just walk away and hug the cocoa in, you do not need to.She is not very strong, right, compared to Tong Shuitao.It is far.Hey, this is not the advantage when you are old, and you will be disliked if it is marks doctor painful erection not good enough.Therefore, Gu Yundong let go, erhu not to mention ran into the yard, fucked Xiao marks doctor painful erection Yunke who was eating, Buy Male Enhancement Pills Suppliers In Usa marks doctor painful erection carried her into 72hp male enhancement pills the hall, and put it directly into Cousin Ke is arms.

She could only return to the front hall with the deed, and at Do Ed Pills Keep You From Ejaculation is viagra off patent Vasudev Jewels marks doctor painful erection this time the director Zhou was also already Asked someone to carry the stretcher over.

When a child ran in, she also online non prescription ed pills grabbed a handful.Seeing that there were more and more children, she was afraid of bumping into it, Vasudev Jewels marks doctor painful erection so she simply took a cloth bag to Yun Shu and Yuan Zhi, and asked them to carry one to the children.

Xiong suggested that he marks doctor painful erection stay at home and massage more.Massage his thighs.At this moment, he was sitting in a wheelchair, pushed by Gu Dajiang which apex male performance enhancement spray to the door, watching his wife and children get on the carriage, slowly leaving, and heading towards the alley.

Yuan Cheng and Yuan Mu suddenly came back to their porn hub penis enlargement tf senses, and hurriedly greeted them, the stool holders took the stools, and the tea was made.

At this moment, his eyes suddenly brightened, with a burning ambition.Lan er, that is Gu Dajiang, right Chen Yulan blinked, Yes, Gu Yundong is called his father.Fang is smile gradually widened, Gu Dajiang looks pretty, and I heard that he Libido Injection marks doctor painful erection I have read books, and I am a learned person.

I originally wanted to wait for you to finish and take you to see it together.Anyway, study mens testosterone levels down the distance Xuanhe Mansion is not far away, and there are opportunities.Shao Qingyuan said Yes , I will leave tomorrow morning.Then he glanced at Tong Shuitao and Azhu.Tong marks doctor painful erection Shuitao had not reacted yet, but Azhu pulled her marks doctor painful erection out cleverly.There was no one in the hall, and Shao Qingyuan took Gu Yundong is hand and whispered, I will be back in two days at most.

They were a step late, and there were already a lot of people in the yard.A young man was talking marks doctor painful erection to everyone, I know everyone is anxious, but Mr.Shao has been waiting here for a whole day.We must have a come first, right Wait for Mr.Shao to talk best no2 male enhancement to Doctor Liu.Doctor Liu came out, and marks doctor painful erection he was going to see everyone at a doctor right not be restless or restless.A villager asked strangely, Lao San, this Young Master Shao also came to see Doctor Liu He is not.Brother Gongzi You do not seem to be short of money.Why do not you go to the city to find the doctors in the office It is here.Unexpectedly, the voices of the two villagers just fell, and suddenly there was a furious voice inside.

He is not an unreasonable person.His second brother died early, and the Fang family is still young.If he finds someone to live his life, he will have a support in the future.Chen Yulan sighed, Uncle knows, my mother is doing it marks doctor painful erection for I have been gritting my orgasm after sex teeth to support this family for these years, and I will never mention remarriage for fear that I will be wronged.

After Shu and Yuanzhi left, he waited at home.But when he waited and waited, he did not see anyone coming.Gu Dajiang could not sit marks doctor painful erection still, so he just got up and walked out of the Gu is gate.This way is near the foot of the mountain, before.There are not many people.Now there are Gu is workshops, and there are two big blue brick houses that are erected, just like the signs in the village, but it is a bit lively.

This time, Bao gave birth to a daughter again.Baos hated him to death.She felt that Shao Qingyuan was still in the village.He was restraining himself.The couple came to Shao Qingyuan and beat and scolded Shao Qingyuan.Shao Do Ed Pills Keep You From Ejaculation is viagra off patent Qingyuan was no longer the age to let them beat.He would fight back, and pushed Li is father to the ground on the Do Ed Pills Keep You From Ejaculation is viagra off patent spot, making him unable Buy Male Enhancement Pills Suppliers In Usa marks doctor painful erection to get up for a long time.

At this time, she wants to buy it.These are the prizes for the lottery.Tong Shuitao was excited all over, his face flushed slightly, Miss, sexual health glasgow you mean, more than a hundred people are eating and chatting redeye male enhancement pills together That is so spectacular.

The Fang family is stingy and lazy, and naturally he wants to shirk.But Jiang Yongkang had no feelings for her, not only did not help her, but also guarded her everywhere.

The shopkeeper seemed to be in a good mood, and showed her some of Vasudev Jewels marks doctor painful erection them.Gu Yundong took them one by one and tried the do you say it It does not seem to be very sensible.Although she did not use bows and arrows, she had a crossbow.Once she picked up the crossbow, the blood in her body became a little excited.But the bow and arrow in front of him, no.The shopkeeper saw her seemingly serious, haha laughed, Is the girl dissatisfied with these frames Anything else Gu Yundong put down the last bow and asked.

What is more, Bao is mother, Li is mother at the time, was actually pregnant again, and she felt that this one must Vasudev Jewels marks doctor painful erection be a son.

Your house opened today.Why did you come here What should you do if you come and go and bump into you The little girl shook .

what do male enhancement pills do to normal peple?

her head, do not be afraid, I can be flexible and can not buy male enhancement brands hit it.

Unexpectedly, the words of the two villagers just fell, and suddenly a furious voice came from inside.

Although the wages of five taels a month compares male enhancement surgury are not It is marks doctor painful erection less, marks doctor painful erection but it is really not natural worlds strongest penis that much.Besides, there is room for marks doctor painful erection bargaining.I do not believe that he can not find a living.I do not know whether it is.He has a problem, but he has no purpose.Gu Yundong sighed quietly.Even with Qin Wenzheng is protection, there will always be the dead person who wants to find out.For example, the former Xin Mansion.You go back and male enhancement pills in spanish inquire.Tong An shrank all over his body, and instantly felt that he was very responsible.Let marks doctor painful erection is go, take me to the workshop first, and tell me about what Libido Injection marks doctor painful erection happened at home during this male enhancement pills over the counter heart safe time.Gu Yundong went to wash his hands and marks doctor painful erection let pro z max male enhancement Tong Shuitao take care of Da Hei.Shao Qingyuan also went back first.He had to deal with the medicinal plant that Azhu brought to him.When the people at the door of Gu is house saw Gu Yundong coming out, they wanted to come forward and say a few words.

Not only she came, but everyone from the Chen family came.Zhou is only felt that his face was lost, but this person was still his wife, so he could only take a few steps forward, and pulled Fang a few steps aside, keeping a little distance from Jiang Yongkang, and by the way, he gave her a little bit.

Hearing this question, he hurriedly explained, You have misunderstood, erectile dysfunction cures exercise I and Chen is sister in law have nothing to do.

A group of people quickly got up and went Libido Injection marks doctor painful erection out, marks doctor painful erection each in their respective positions.When the hour came, Gu Dajiang gave a light cough and spoke slightly nervously.Today, the little girl Gu Yundong gave an adult gift.Thank you for your visit.Now, the little girl Gu Yundong is adult gift officially begins When he finished speaking, his nose turned a little Libido Injection marks doctor painful erection sour.

Qi Ting marks doctor painful erection hurriedly shifted his gaze, raised his chin marks doctor painful erection slightly and asked, marks doctor painful erection I heard you were introduced by Qin Wenzheng Yes.

She thought she was still on the marks doctor painful erection matter before she was angry.Gu Yundong said, Wei Lan, my name is Gu Yundong, I want marks doctor painful erection Ed Pills Athletic Performance Mrs.Dai And Nie Shuang should have passed my name.Wei Lan is eyes widened suddenly, Gu, Gu Yundong Is not that the name of their third owner .

what a penis looks like after enlargement surgery?

of Xinming Pavilion She is actually Libido Injection marks doctor painful erection Gu Dong is Do Ed Pills Keep You From Ejaculation is viagra off patent family Wei Lan had a moment of suspicion, but she missed the person who wanted to know Gu Dong is family of Xinming Pavilion.

He asked Gu Yundong for vinegar and asked Dai Yi marks doctor painful erection to apply it on him.Then he said, I will find purple flowers nearby.Di Ding.After speaking, he stood up, but just marks doctor painful erection raised his head and looked around, his brows best male enhancement product at gnc wrinkled.They are lost.Shao Qingyuan tightened his lips, but he was not afraid of getting lost.Give him more time and he can still go out.It is just that now that Dai Zhong has been stung by a wasp, he definitely can not stay in the deep mountains, he has to get out as soon as possible.

Humanpox vaccination method Doctor Xiong paused, looked down and thought, and said, I have heard of it, but this method must be very cautious.

Women have almost no resistance Libido Injection marks doctor painful erection to such cute things, not only the girl likes it, marks doctor painful erection but also the people next to her.

After hearing the explanation, the two of them dropped their heads and went up to the second floor.Not long after, Madam Zhou and the others also ed prescription drugs went up.Tong Shuitao was curious, and fell silently behind him.Just looking at her head, she saw Mother Ren is eyes widened in horror at the moment, and the two people who went upstairs were pushed down and gagged directly, and there was marks doctor painful erection no way to confide in the news.

Qi Shanchang glared at Qi Ting first, and then said to Gu Dajiang, Zicheng does not need to be polite, it is an marks doctor painful erection old man.

Unexpectedly, Wei Lan did not see her at all, but ran into her instead.She is viagra off patent Ed Pills Blood Flow immediately knocked Yi back several steps, and then she could stand still with her hands on the Vasudev Jewels marks doctor painful erection edge of the table.

The aunt wants to put it somewhere to sell it.Yet Aunt Gu shook her Buy Male Enhancement Pills Suppliers In Usa marks doctor painful erection head, I think about bringing some to the market tomorrow, and setting up a small stall on the ground to see how business is going.

It just so happens that since Tao Xing knows him, he might be able to start from Tao Xing is side, I see this matter, just tell Qin Wenzheng directly, he must know how to do it, we do not need to worry about other things.

Moreover, she is in this lobby freely and talks and laughs freely, why did not she think in marks doctor painful erection that direction Girl Bao Buy Male Enhancement Pills Suppliers In Usa marks doctor painful erection was so annoyed that she had a pain in her face because she knew Do Ed Pills Keep You From Ejaculation is viagra off patent about the big things in this city.

One punch was not enough.Seeing Guan Shi fell to the ground, he went up with two feet.It is all you old stuff.I lost face and paid so much money to the lord.Dog stuff, I will settle this account with you if I go back.After finishing speaking, I ignored Zhou Guan is affairs and went straight to it.The carriage, let Afeng drove away quickly.Guan Shi was still lying on the ground, and many people around him pointed and pointed when they saw the movement.

Miss, what shall we do now Tong Shuitao asked in a low voice, Then my mother is guarding at the door, Madam Zhou and the others, what should I do if my mother sees the newsletter It is okay, Madam Zhou is not stupid.

Gu Yundong was also dumbfounded, Yuan male enhancement pills for sale in toronto Zhi, although he said that marks doctor painful erection he can not raise his stomach, he can not eat big fish, but marks doctor painful erection he did not say that he can only eat vegetables, those lighter meats.

The man watched.They marks doctor painful erection were about to leave before they stood up and walked towards Gu Ji with their heads buried.Gu Yundong and Gu Dafeng introduced the things in the shop, looked back at Tong Shuitao, nodded slightly, and said, Sister, please go to the second floor and rest for a while.

However, none of these people who had received the money left.Gu Yundong still found it marks doctor painful erection strange, and saw everyone rushing to open the table, marks doctor painful erection and the where get how can i get my penis bigger table was gathered i would like to start taking sildenafil for erectile dysfunction up, the stool was gathered up, and the women were all sorting pots and pans and cleaning the ground.

Just like the Yang family.Which man has the patience to coax her But this is just your is viagra off patent Ed Pills Blood Flow guess.What Chen Yulan did not say is that whether Gu Dajiang really looks down on Yang, at least Yang is good looking.

The strength from her hand made her suddenly regain her senses.Gu Yundong is eyes were slightly red, and her voice was a marks doctor painful erection little hoarse, I am here.Are you afraid he asked cautiously.Gu marks doctor painful erection Xxxplosion Male Enhancement Sexual Pills Yundong did not react for a while, large penis problems but Gu Dajiang, who was sitting not far away, slapped on marks doctor painful erection the table with a slap in his mouth, his mouth urologist what will they do for erectile dysfunction exploded with vulgarity, I am afraid of a fart, what a broomstick Xingke six relatives, all nonsense, but not a killer.

Normally, he is a little harsher, but whenever there is something delicious and easy to use, he will give himself a portion.

Although he was in a hurry, he could not help it.His father had to go through the enrollment Vasudev Jewels marks doctor painful erection formalities today, and he had to live here.Therefore, Ashu Azhu is original plan to catch it was lost, so he cleaned up the house and moved.Fortunately they There were a lot of people, the house was clean, and the things that needed to be cleaned up soon came out.

When little white boi cuck with erectile dysfunction sissy only the Gu family was left, Shao Qingyuan took out a letter, This can sciatic nerve cause erectile dysfunction is what Yunshu Yuanzhi asked me to bring to you.

It was not that he did not trust Gu Yundong, things to know about guys sexually or he was afraid that he would pay less, but that he could not help but the desire to count money, especially the one hundred penny more, which felt so refreshing.

After a while, they were skewered and grilled.Devinhuo slowly exhaled until he smelled the roast chicken, and began to sprinkle the seasoning bag on Do Ed Pills Keep You From Ejaculation is viagra off patent it swiftly.

The more I thought about it, the more uncomfortable it became, and the pile felt that he royal honey male enhancement wholesale was about to cry.

A few days ago, the master took us to Dongyi Academy for a round and discussed the knowledge with their students.

Gu marks doctor painful erection Ed Pills Athletic Performance Yundong is dress is different from Wei Lan and the others.Everyone guessed that her identity might be higher.Yeah, you have a good eye.Dave reluctantly walked to Gu Yundong is side and patted her hand, and said to these guests, Are you envious But this is how do i make my dick grow not our Xinming Pavilion is.

He was young, and it was the first time he did this kind of thing.Facing an old fried dough stick like Gu Yundong, he could not hold it in his heart for a long time.Gu Yundong continued, You may not know that Chen Jingwen is fifty cents was given by his father in front of me.

Do you like it I like it.I have not seen it yet.Yang immediately nodded.Xiao Yun can join in the fun, I like it too.Gu Yundong was amused by the two of them, I will take you to see.She led them out of the yard, the carriage was still parked outside, Tong Shuitao opened the curtain, Yang Shi was instantly attracted by the neatly arranged flowers.

Without living creature viagra007 photos her giving him a Vasudev Jewels marks doctor painful erection chance again and again, he is probably still wandering in the village until now, and he is not allowed to run away even the poor business in the county town by her brother.

This time she must be a man in one fell swoop.She was marks doctor painful erection so where get villaxen male enhancement pills excited that she could not take care of the trouble of finding Xiao Qingyuan, although her three daughters would occasionally be arrogant about this adopted son.

Chen Liang came out soon, but he was a little more rational than Zhou is.Although I was also concerned about how the cow eggs came back so well, but seeing Gu Yundong and Shao Qingyuan, he invited them in first, and then asked them about the situation.

Anyway, I have cheapest generic viagra gotten used to things at home anyway.Get used to it Tian The wife sneered, You are a concubine, but I am not.I am the wife of Tian Jiazheng er.Why should I let her A trace of annoyance flashed across the woman is face, and she soon recovered her calm.

Before Mrs.Dai had time to react, Nie Shuang next to her had already strode forward and hugged her into her arms.

When the matter marks doctor painful erection was settled, several people breathed a sigh of relief.After eating, Shao Qingyuan went back.Xiao Er did not get in very much.There were only a few rooms in total.Yuan Zhi and Yun Shu were already a bit marks doctor painful erection crowded when they came, not to mention Libido Injection marks doctor painful erection the couple of Gu and Aunt Gu.

It is determined that the third son of the Tao family was taken away by old man Li.He is now twenty, and the third son of Tao is also twenty.Two days after the third son of Tao was taken away, that is, marks doctor painful erection when he appeared in Yongfu Village.Master Tao is original partner marks doctor painful erection His wife is surname was Shao, and he also had the word Shao on his clothes when he was a child.

Poppi, do not let her hide the subordinate surnamed Bian in the past, have you heard understood.Gu Yundong squinted his eyes, and Ren is mother Who are these people Look at the fierce looks, as if they are coming for trouble.

Mother and son, but he could not help himself at this moment, he could only cry and laugh with tears.

Dai Yi is face was a bit wrong just now, Ken Stepped back a few steps, turned and left.Dai Yi is expression was a bit wrong just now, KenThere must is viagra off patent be something unfinished.But they also know that both Devon Huo and Qin Wenzheng have tried their best not to involve them.Naturally, the less marks doctor painful erection marks doctor painful erection they know, the better.Everyone tacitly ignored them and went to the carriage shop to buy a carriage.Gu Yundong originally wanted to rent it, but he ran into that robber before, so he did not want to cause trouble, so he bought a carriage and drove back by himself.